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Let's Get Organised

Wedding Forms

There are some important details that we need to gather at various points before the big day!

Cartmel X Gareth-110-EDITED.jpg
Cartmel X Gareth-110-EDITED.jpg


Who is staying with us overnight?

For guests who are managing their own room bookings, please click on the link and send it to them in order for them to complete a booking form.

Please note, guests who are staying one night with us have a special early check-in from 9am. 

Other guests (non-residents) may arrive up to one hour before the ceremony.

The venue closes to non-residents at 12 midnight.

Guests who are staying with us may continue to use the communal areas until 12.30 (or 1.30 am by prior arrangement).

The Big Day

What is your time plan for the day?

Who will be visiting our venue on the wedding day, and at what time?

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